Blog Post: Saturday, March 14, 2009: The Last leg of Conga

I was sure I was going to die!! It was a monsoon. Can not ever remember it raining this hard before ever in my life!! Never mind on 2 wheels. I was frozen to death! I honestly did not know how I would survive. it didn’t seem possible. My body was vibrating, I knew I was going into hypothermia, I was soaking wet and even my boots were full of water. I had 3 layersI had to do it!!!

HTBD!! They were waiting on me…  all of my new friends from all over north America and Canada.
All my new friends from America and Canada were waiting for me. 6000 miles almost!! I only had another to 60 to go. I had my oldest brother on one side of me, watching every move I made. My younger brother was riding behind making sure no one would get in the way. They were protecting me.

Behind my brothers was a woman, I had never met in person before, only on my Vancouver Island Lady Riders Forum. She had been there to greet us at our warm up spot at Timmies in Nanaimo, just after getting off the ferry. I saw this strange woman walking towards me with a huge grin on her face underneath an umbrella. We hugged and laughed but no words were spoken at first. I knew who she was and she was exactly how I had imagined her. LD is her forum knick name. She changes the meaning of her name all the time on forum depending on how she is feeling. Sometime it could mean little donut . Today in my eyes she would be LITTLE DARLING, INDEED!
It is funny really I have been trying to connect with Margaret (LD) for a couple of years now. She is also a biker but her job is a mortician, which keeps her on the leash as she calls it. She doesn’t get a lot of riding time in because of this job. LD has a great sense of humor and is great with words, writing stories, giving advice, and a big supporter of this ride that I was just about to finish. I had had spoken with her many times on msn while on my travels giving updates along the way. I didn’t however, dream that our first meeting would be like this. I could see her van through my rear view mirrors her wipers were slapping back and forth, as she tail gunned us on your trek home.

I did feel a little safer, knowing that no one could get in our way, with my slow riding. My brothers and my friends they were with me… I had to keep going. If they could I would! I had no option.. The speed limit was 80, I am sure I was doing 20. I was vibrating so badly. In the 19 days that I had been traveling.

I remember thinking for the first time, I wanted this trip over. Done with! How could I keep going? The tears were rolling down my face and made it harder and harder to see. Not to mention I could not see through the rain, but now the stinging in my eyes from the tears were making it worse. I was starting to feel sorry for myself, which made it worse. The more I thought the worse it got. The more I cried. I was loosing it. People do not realize, what happens to me when I get cold. They don’t get it. Wasn’t there something I could do??

When I was younger, I ended up hospitalized over it, and I knew i would probably drop off my bike soon… something had to change… soon! Things started flashing through my mind. I wanted my babies, my children, I needed to see them. I wasn’t even sure if they had been following me on this great adventure. Would I be around to tell them all about it? I wanted to see them again. I needed a hug from them. It’s okay mommy! I wanted to see my family again, the rest of them. My mommy.. I wanted a hug!! I wanted to be warm. All of a sudden Carl pulled up beside me and said…. You okay Sis???? I looked at him and started to bawl….NO…NO I AM NOT!! I can NOT DO IT!! Carl, help me!!! I can’t, I am scared!!! He rode beside me, and had a mean look on his face… “YES YOU CAN!” He yelled, “YES YOU CAN….. YOU ARE THE IRON WOMAN… YOU JUST RODE ACROSS AMERICA!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!” Of course he had to yell in order to hear him over the motor and also so that it would sink it. He knew now I was LOOSING IT!!

Moments later off to the right side of the highway, I glanced over and saw a Spyder, a trike. There is only one Spider. For a moment, a small moment I had a smile on my face!! Spyderman… Spiderman… can do anything a Spider can, OMFG! He did tell me, Come HELL OR HIGH WATER he would be there when I came home. It was both hell and high water at that moment!!

Thumbs up!! Honking horn… smile…grin… “Wanna go for coffee Flo!!”
Vibrating and trying to smile I said, “No Spidy, if I stop, I will drop!!” Okay he said, “Lets ride!!!”