I would personally like to introduce my self and welcome you to the new and improved ‘Go With The Flo’ website. This site will give you insight on the ever growing Conga Ride as well as offer information on ‘Ride Like a Pro’, my personal Blog , my stores as well as even vacation rentals . If you have any questions fee free to contact me .

First off ‘Hi’! M y name is Flo and I live on Vancouver Island. I purchased Motorman’s “Learn How to Ride the Easy Way” four years ago. I was enthralled about how Motorman taught and figured even I could learn how to ride at the age of 49. Later, I met his wife Donna Palladion on Women Who Ride Forum . We became friends and she later put her bike up for sale!!

I was fortunate to buy my first Harley off Donna Palladino and that was where it all began. I took the first course with Motorman in 2008, and rode it 6,000 miles home. I bought my second Harley from Jerry Motorman Palladino, took the course a few times, worked one on one, with Jerry helping in the classes and practicing hard to become a RLAP instructor. I trained hard too be able to Ride Like a Pro in Leesburg bikefest with the Team this year in 2009. My dream became a reality.

No matter how long you have been riding there is always room for improvement.

Even the Pros practice..

We are committed to helping you improve your riding skills, and making our roads a safer place.

Go with the Flo-Ride Like a Pro

I am promoting and selling “Ride Like a Pro” DVD’s created by the Famous Jerry “Motorman” Palladino of Ride Like a Pro Hudson, Florida.

For the first time these DVD’s are available in Canada. I live in Campbell River, B.C. Canada on Vancouver Island.

The Ride Like a Pro program was started by Jerry “Motorman” Palladino, a retired motor officer living in Florida. Jerry has created an incredible training tool with his “ Ride Like a Pro ” DVDs.

Riders travel from Canada and USA to take his classes. He has numerous franchises all over the USA.

Learn new skills-Improve your abilities-Challenge yourself.

  • Get rid of those old bad habits
  • Order your Ride Like a Pro DVD NOW!!!
  • Go with the Flo

Become the rider you know you can be.

Never fear dropping your bike again!!

  • Do you drag your feet while making a U-run?
  • Do the soles of your boots wear out before your boots?
  • Do you avoid making U-turns?
  • Do you walk your bike through the turn?
  • Can you pick up your own bike?

Check out my videos and find out what the DVD’S have done for me!!!

Flo and Women Who Ride (WWR) Conga Line is a fundraiser, in support of Breast Cancer research managed to doubled their fund raising goals. And as a result of her great efforts and accomplishments with the help of so many Conga riders Flo has been awarded not once, but twice the Real Biker Chick of the Month Award.