Texas Conga Line hits the local news station

The Women Who Ride (WWR) always “think pink” while riding for their fundraiser the Conga Line. “We’re fighting cancer,” said one of the members while sitting on her motorcycle with a large pink rubber ribbon mounted on the front. The WWR is a group of female motorcycle riders from North Texas who will meet up with other riders in Cheyenne, Wyoming on July 7. For a third consecutive year, the group is raising funds...  Read More

Day 1 of Conga III

Leaving Vancouver Island 8pm and we just got settled in.This place totally rocks!!! We are in Abbotsford at the Super 8 First we pull into the parking lot and there is this young chick with long dark hair, waving a welcome sign. I could not read it yet but she was bouncing around like a jack rabbit. I thought wow, another surprise!! I wonder who she is?? It was my daughter Krissy. Her and Miss Willi got to conniving and she came to greet us!...  Read More

Montana Leather and More

CALLING ALL BIKERS-THE CONGA III RIDE FOR CANCER IS COMING TO HELENA ON SUNDAY-JULY 4TH. We are going to give them a Montana WELCOME. We will be filming them and leading them into town to the Leather Store. And then to our home for a BBQ, before they head out. If you are interested in welcoming these wonderful Ladies, …send me a message for more details….CONGA-I can hear the rumble…..See you Ladies Soon   Read More

Helena Montana!!! Robin, Leathers and More

Flo, I hear that you’re coming to Helena. YAHOOOO! To check out our store and I also have had conversations with Karen. We would like to feed you all lunch, a BBQ at our home. Karen said that would be great. Our home is on the way out of town. I let Karen know that my husband will be on the highway just before you get into town (and I will let you know where) to film you coming in. I asked Karen and would also like to ask you if I...  Read More

Conga Fever

Whelp.. 2 more sleeps and the Conga III hits the open road. Hard to believe!! We have hit our goal.. $14,000.00 for Breast Cancer. The fever is in the air… People have hit the road from North Carolina, getting ready for kickstand up on Vancouver Island, down Texas way, they are exploding with emotion. People are coming from Saskatchewan…Emails are coming in left right and center from people I have never even spoke to before, with well...  Read More